Every nine seconds of every minute in every hour of each day a woman or child experiences pain from physical abuse alone not to mention verbal, emotional, or sexual. This is why Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women, Inc. was founded. We are a Christian non- profit organization established to restore and empower women and youth. Fresh Sprit Wellness for Women, Inc. has a special passion and dedication to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse and their families, through counseling, empowerment coaching, educational classes, group therapy and workshops, and financial assistance.

Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women, Inc.,  empowers, motivates and educates women and youth through educational and wellness programs that have succeeded in transforming the lives of participants through our interactive wellness workshops and individualized counseling and coaching.

Dr. Conte Terrell

Dr. Larita Primrose

Dr. Conte Terrell and Dr. Larita Primrose are available to come, speak to, inspire
and empower your group, book club, church or organization.


Our Youth Programs Have Been a Great Success

We provide services for at risk youth (but not limited to) ranging in age from 12-18. We have designed programs and curriculum specifically for their age group dealing with issues such as: drug abuse, anger management, abstinence, peer pressure, teen pregnancy, teen parenting, character development, life skills, self management skills, self esteem, collage prep courses, tutorials, and more.

We provide regularly scheduled after school and in school pull out programs to assist youth with their academic and personal development skills.